Sue Bathurst was born in 1945 into the world of journalism and agriculture. She studied painting and drawing at the Atelier Allar in Marseille and at St Martin’s School of Art in London. She has worked in television; as an agricultural interpreter; a freelance journalist; an historic property management consultant and has farmed corn and sheep.

After being widowed, with her son gainfully employed and married, she decided to “make the most of the time and energy that I have left.” Having travelled fairly widely in Europe, she embarked on Adventure Travel, much of it on the back of a horse – “They have more legs that are longer than mine and one travels further, quicker and sees the world from higher up.

She has ridden across the Thar Desert in India; in the Georgian Caucasus; the Romanian Carpathians; across the Andes from Argentina to Chile; in Northern Mongolia to visit the Tsaatan (reindeer people); in Cuba and was on the first recce ride in Bhutan. She has ridden extensively in Kyrgyzstan in both the Talas and Tien Shan Mountains and is writing a book about those rides and the Kyrgyzstan Jailoo.

She has also been on ‘socks and sandals‘ tours in The Altai Mountains in Mongolia; Sri Lanka; Gugarat; Kerela; Karnataka; Rajasthan; the Sundarbans; Orissa; Chhattisgarh; Madhyar Pradesh and Andrah Pradesh.

When not travelling she lives in Gloucestershire with two Scottish deerhounds; weeds; mows grass and writes.